feeling joyful to see someone after a long time apart
the feeling of fleeting love; literally translates to "bubbles" or "foam"
Lost for Words is a game to explore words from around the world that capture emotions and nuanced experiences to deepen our relationships and connections.

With over 300 unique words from over 70 different languages, Lost for Words aims to broaden our vocabularies, as well as our emotional awareness.

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literally means to put a horseshoe on yourself, because you already possess all the luck, knowledge, and talent you need
the feeling when you're in a new place, like when vou're traveling, and everything feels new - even the way you think and act
badly wanting what another person is eating; directly translates to "food envy"
melancholic, sad nostalgia for what's over or lost that you won't experience or have again
being captivated and transported by wonderful storytelling or conversation
About the Game

The goal of Lost for Words is to discover emotion words from around the world, and share how you relate to them using your own memories and experiences.

The deck of 350 cards is made up of word cards and action cards:

  • Word cards have a unique word, along with its definition and source language, and one of seven symbols on the top: heart, lightning, cloud, star, sun, moon, or diamond.
  • Action cards have special instructions that affect gameplay and strategy.

Like You Think You Know Me, Flatter Me, and Rabbit Rabbit, Lost for Words was funded on Kickstarter, raising over $10,000 from 276 backers.

Learn more at Kickstarter, or email for more information.

How to Play

Each player is dealt seven random cards from the deck, which they keep secret from other players. The player with the birthday closest to the current date goes first, and gameplay goes clockwise.

On each turn, players have three options:

  1. Play a word card. Place it face-up in front of you, and share how you’ve experienced that feeling or experience: a moment or memory, who it reminds you of, or how you hope to experience it in the future.
  2. Play an action card. Follow the rules on the card, which ends your turn.
  3. Discard and draw again. Place one of your cards in the discard pile and draw a new card from the deck.

When any player runs out of cards in their hand, draw seven new cards from the deck.

The first player to play cards with each of the seven symbols or five of the same symbol is the winner!

About the Designer

Ami Baio is a game designer living and working in magical Portland, Oregon, and the founder of Pink Tiger Games.

Previously a massage therapist, writer, and personal trainer, Ami brings her unique experience in self-care, storytelling, and personal growth to make games that are creative and kind.

You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.